This is a recent interview I did with the megazine Progmetal zone about the band Beyond Turbines, nice questions about the tunes, the band, and music in general!Enjoy!!


I guess that now I kinda understand how a woman feel while giving birth to a baby.Releasing this album took a huge amount of work, sacrifices, and patience.Now we can´t wait to release the second one, we already started to compose for it, and we have some video shooting planned as well for beginning of 2016.Digital download it´s already available on CD BABY, I TUNES, SPICE RACK RECORDS, and other common places.You can also stream it on Spotify.
Physical copies have been shipped, so in few days the cd could be ordered from Audiophile Imports, Abstrac Logix and Cd Baby.


Just concluded a really successful Italian tour with Frank Ricci group.It´s been a lovely experience, not just musically but I would say also culinary :) I visited a part of Italy I did not know before and I have been thrilled by the hospitality of the people in general, the venues, and the passion for music showed by the public.Maybe in Italy there´s still hope for music?!?
In the meanwhile the new cd of the Silent Jazz Ensemble, " Nightwalker" it´s finally out!!I´ve participated in the realization of this album as a co-composer and producer together with Helmut Engel and really proud of the result!!
We are organizing the cd realize party on the 28 th of November in Schlot, Berlin, so come around!!
Concerning the album with Steve Hunt, Virgil Donati and Bjoessi, we are now in the last phase, mixing and mastering..yes, this one took long, but it´s going to be a pretty amazing one.In the meanwhile I keep working on my new solo album feat Marko Djordjevic and Bjoessi Kluetsch, it´s time to bring things out, I know..


Hello everybody! it´s been forever since i posted an update here.The reason it´s because in the last year I´ve been really busy recording 3 albums as a leader or co leader and several others things for other people.
There´s a band album which i recorded together with Steve Hunt on keys, Bjoessi Kluetsch on guitar and Virgil Donati on drums, each one of us brought some compositions and it´s basically getting finally mixed now, then there´s my new solo album in trio with Marko Djordjevic and Bjoessi, also ready to get mixed soon, the new Silent Jazz Ensemble album (before it was Engel-Badoglio), already mastered and it will be released in November..so I overcharged my self a lot, composing, producing, recording..etc..but It´s absolutely worth it.Im also working with my agent to organize some touring with my trio featuring Marko.Thanks to each one of you for your support, things gonna happen!

07.27.12Hitting the studio again next week!!

Next week a new jazz fusion band featuring me on bass, Virgil Donati on drums, Bjössi Klütsch on guitar and Steve Hunt on keys will record the debut album.It´s going to be killing!!!

06.20.12New Solo cd

I´ve Just finished to record my new solo Album with Marko Djordjevic on drums and Bjössi Klütsch on Guitar.Can´t wait to release it..the guys made a terrific job on it, I´m really proud.:)
Now I have to get prepared for the new "Re-Evaluation Time" band album, we´ll hit the studio in August, with Steve Hunt, Bjössi and a the new drummer for this band:Virgil Donati.
I wish to everybody a good summer!


03.16.12Skype Lessons, new recordings

Hi everybody,

I´m really exited about announcing that in the next months s will take care or recording, producing and releasing 3 new cd´s.
-A Re-Evaluation Time band cd, live in Italy from last year (ready pretty soon)
-A new Solo Album I ll record in trio with Bjoessi Kluetsch on Guitar and Marko Djordjevic on drums
-A new Re-Evaluation Time band studio Album.

I also started officially giving lessons via skype, I have just few students now (really good bassists actually) and it´s working pretty well, so If you are interested just drop me a line.

Other news...let´s see...oh..yeah..recently I´ve been to the London Bass Guitar Show as a Wood&Tronics artist (www.wtbasses.com) and I had a lot of fun hanging around with the Wood&Tronics and "Bass Gear" team, played a little, met some new people, spent a fortune for a black coffee..;)Was cool anyway!
Now I´m back to the composing-organizing work and I can´t wait to release the new stuff..my playing changed not just a little but since the old albums and I m really impatient about recording some new grooves and solos with this new concepts I have in my mind :)

Take Care and as always thanks for your support!

Roberto Badoglio


- New R.E.T.B cd (Re-Evaluation Time Band), featuring Bjoessi Kluetsch, Steve Hunt, Benny Greb, Roberto Badoglio (work in progress, expected end of 2012).
After Re-Evaluation Time (2010) we are ready to record some fresh material with a new exciting line up !

- Engel-Badoglio Debut cd (work in progress, expected 2012)

- Bass Dvd "Finding your own voice" (work in progress, expected end of 2012)

- New solo cd (Expected 2012-2013)

all these things will happen if Maya will be cool and their prophecy about december 2012 is wrong ;)

10.07.11The new "Re-Evaluation Time Band" cd will be recorded next springtime

Hi Everybody!!

summer is been reallllly cool and intense, I´ve toured around Europe with the great fusion band from Israel "Resident of the future" and this just right after a short italian tour with my Re-Evaluation Time band.
Now I´m in the process of composing new material for an upcoming cd of the R.E.T.B and we will hit the studio during the next springtime.
The new line up is featuring Bjoessi Kluetsch on guitar, Steve Hunt on keys, Benny Greb on drums and me on Bass of course.
I´m really excited about recording with these guys, and I believe it´s time for me to release new material as well.
If you are interested in watching some video clips of our recent tour in italy:

This year I have some plans also for the "ambient jazz" duo I have with Helmut Engel, the Engel-Badoglio duo, hopefully we will be able to record a cd.

As always, thanks to everybody who is supporting my carrier and my music, it´s becoming day after day more and more difficult to promote independent ...fusion, jazz rock, groovy jazz....call it whatever you want ...kind of music,
getting gigs, touring etc...it´s really a mission, but hey...we will keep fighting, that´s for sure!!;)



I have the pleasure to announce that the "Re-Evaluation Time" band Featuring Steve Hunt on keys, Bjoessi Kluetsch on guitar, Pablo De Biasi on drums and me on bass is going to perform a series of concerts in Italy during may 2011.We will also record a Live cd during the concerts.Soon dates will be confirmed and updated on this website.
We will play a mix of rearranged tunes from my cd "Re-Evaluation Time" and from Steve's.The second great news is that during April I will go to Japan to play some gigs with Saxophonist Soon Kim and upright bassist Kaydo Yutaka, bass workshops over there during those days are on the way to be organized also.
I will update the list of concerts for springtime 2011 in the next days.


A big thanks to the Wood and Tronics team for featuring me on their home page!Their basses are amazing, perfect match between Italian style, fantastic sound and incredible feeling!!


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Roberto Badoglio Electric Blowfish:
Powerful Jazz-Rock with the best cats from Berlin:
Bjoessi Kluetsch:guitar
Rolf Langhans:Keyboards
Andrea Zuliani:Drums
Roberto Badoglio:Electric Bass

Roberto Badoglio Akunstica project:
my tunes arranged in a more acoustic-ethnic way:
Roberto Badoglio:Acoustic Bass guitar, Electric Bass
Bjoessi Kluetsch:Acoustic Guitar
Andrea Zuliani:Percussions, Cajon etc.

Engel-Badoglio duo:
ambient atmospheres mixed with free melodic improvisations.
Helmut "musehold" Engel:Different kind of Saxes and Flutes, Loops
Roberto Badoglio:Basses, Loops

10.08.10new fusion project:Resident of the Future

I'm happy to announce that I've became the new Bassist of a jazz-rock progressive band called Resident of The Future, with Yuval Ron and Yatziv Caspi from Israel(guitar and drums) and Rolf Langhans on keyboards from Berlin.
The music is really cool and they already toured a lot all around and recorded a nice album with the old formation, so more things will happens for sure.
Check them out at www.rotf.us

02.24.10Terrence Bowry cd

Just finished the recordings for Terrence Bowry's cd.
We had the pleasure of recording with the incredibly groovy Marlon Browden on drums(John Scofield,Norah Jones, J.P. Bourelly) soon I will post some music from this band.


02.15.10I'm featured as "the musician of the month" on Abstract Logix

A big thanks to Abstract Logix staff and to my dear friend Enrico Pasini who wrote a beautiful review of the cd.

02.13.10 Re-Evaluation Time is available on I tunes!

I need to learn how to link it ..but if you look for it on I tunes you will find it, that's for sure :)

01.28.10Finally re evaluation time is available also for digital download on cd baby

Is going to take a little bit before it would be possible to have digital download also on Abstract Logix and I tunes(5 weeks maybe) but for the moment CD baby already provided the service.
All the album at just 9.99, check it out!

01.25.10Hello Everybody!

Hello everybody,

finally I've found the time to update this website..
Today is a big day for me, my cd "Re-Evaluation Time" is just been released on a couple of websites: cd Baby (http://cdbaby.com/cd/ROBERTOBADOGLIO) and Abstract Logix(http://www.abstractlogix.com/xcart/product.php?productid=24475).
In a close future it will be available on many other sites such as I tunes and Spice Rack Records, which is the website of the label of Steve Hunt who played Keyboards on Re-Evaluation Time and produced the cd.
I actually already have my page on his website:http://www.spicerackrecords.com/artist_rb.htm
My 2010 started with tons of things to do, not just all the stuff concerning the cd but also here in Berlin I'm involved in many interesting projects.
I'm proud to announce that I've found the right people for performing my music!! I'm talking about Bjossi Klutsch on guitar (www.myspace.com/bjoessimusic) and Francesco De Rubeis on drums(www.myspace.com/francescoderubeis).
Bjossi is an extraordinary musician, really sensitive and capable of playing some very crazy lines sounding always extremely fresh while Francesco is just the perfect drummer for the project, really dynamic and able to sustain the music with a lot of taste and feeling.
We organized 4 days of rehearsal in december and the music was really happening!
Besides my trio I'm also playing in many other different projects:
A duo with saxophonist Helmut "Musehold" Engel for example is one of those projects(www.engel-musehold.de).
Helmut is an incredible composer and player, ex member of the successful fusion band "the silent jazz ensemble" he's pushing me in finding many new chord-voicings and interesting ways to play and interact in a duo situation with Bass Guitar and Saxophone.(but he also plays bass flute, soprano and even bottles!!).
I'm really happy about how the things are going in this project and we have a lot of fun while we compose new tunes.
This duo started a compositional work on some Hani's tunes last autumn.
Hani is a well known kurdish singer who lives here in Berlin.
Our work consisted in composing and arranging some tunes based on some vocal tracks she recorded.At the end many good things came out from this and we had a lot of great moments during the creative process.
Another band I'm playing with is the "Soon Kim quartet".
Soon is a saxophonist (www.myspace.com/soonkimsoonkim) ex student of Ornette Coleman, he's an incredible "Harmolodic" player and playing with him is a big challenge for me as I have to admit I never played a lot of "Free Jazz" before.
In the band there's also another bass player on the upright and I'm really impressed about how well two walking bass line played contemporary in different keys sound powerful!
He's music really pushes everybody in giving the best all the time and on staying focused developing new good ideas extemporaneously and it is really great sharing the stage with this band.
Starting february 1 I will perform with Haymo Doerk at the Acud cafe' every second monday.We are the new band opening the Fusion Jam at the Acud.
This band is definitely fusion oriented, and Haymo(www.haymodoerk.de) is a great guitar player with a very modern sound(exactly how I like..).
This is another crazy project who mixes John Coltrane with Jimi Hendricks and everybody in the band is killing.Come and check it out!!
Today I've recorded a live performance for "Alex Tv"(a "berliner" local tv station) with the Terrence Bowry Band.
Terrence is a gifted canadian singer and this band is a mix of Funk-soul and Jazz.I started playing with them last spring and since than any show we did is been a success!
On stage, there's really great energy and a lot of improvisations which means a lot of fun for me and a lot of moments of interaction with the others members of the band.(www.myspace.com/terrenceabowry)This is a project where I can experiment some heavy groovy stuff which is always good.
Ok..last project here in Berlin is with the amazing Aly Keita who calls me often to substitute his current Bass Player.
Aly(www.myspace.com/alykeita) plays the belafon and his an awesome virtuoso of his instrument.The music is Afro Beat and it is really nice performing with him, he has a lot of charisma and he's really a sunny guy which is something he transmits in every notes he plays.
All right..that should be all about what I'm doing now musically...of course there's always new projects developing on the way but I will talk about that in a second moment.
I wish everybody a good 2010 and hey...if you didn't buy the cd yet..DO IT NOW!:)